Jelly Tots

2 -3 years 

·      Tuesdays and Fridays term time only

·      11.15am – 12.00pm

·      £5.70

·      Pre book sessions in termly blocks

·      Payment in advance

·      Drop in price £6, depending on availability

Progressing from the free flowing sessions of Jelly Babies, Jelly Tots becomes a slightly more structured and challenging group, whilst retaining the fun and social aspect.

We use more specialist equipment to help build confidence and independence as well as encouraging the children to share the equipment with each other and to work together in their small groups.

As their grown up, you are still actively involved in these sessions with many activities designed so you can work together.

You will enjoy seeing your child’s confidence and ability grow in this vital 12 month period and be amazed at how they quickly progress towards becoming a Jumping Bean.

To book one of our sessions please use our booking form